It’s not a secret that digital media is constantly changing

In 2020, generating leads in the UAE or managing online advertising campaign in-house are not easy tasks. It’s not a secret that online display advertising is constantly changing. Let’s not forget in 2019, there were over 9.52 million users on the internet in an ever-evolving time and industry across the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, there are countless online based websites and mobile Apps being viewed and used every day. But how to select the best platform for your programmatic ad placement? It is an annoying task. This is where programmatic advertising comes in to change the digital media buying and ad placement game.

30-second summary:

  • The success of high impact ad creatives relies on several factors, such as: using the correct ad formats in the right environment, making them viewable and ensuring that viewability is followed by memorability.

  • The Tech features of the DSP platform should enables brands to use and control thousands of real-time, dynamic creatives. All of which are far more engaging and interactive than simple variations of copy and text.

  • Based on the current trends, advertisers are allocating more budgets for their programmatic advertising and are projected to spend $98 billion on this type of ad in 2020 alone, which will make up 68% of their total annual digital media advertising spend. 

Reason for that – programmatic advertising is automated, you don’t have to interrupt the campaign in order to implement changes. This could make the personalization of ads easier than ever before. Instead of paying to advertise product during shows with the most viewers, programmatic advertising allows companies to display ads to very niche, focused and precisely targeted audiences.

1. High impact ad creatives to return

High impact ad creatives are making a big resurgence in 2020 thanks to the rise of creative DCO (dynamic creative optimization). Through the use of a DSP (demand side platform), brands can now easily implement creative DCO. Enabling the creation of quality, relevant, and high impact ads for audiences. These high impact ads are visually captivating and designed to hold the attention of the audience. The success of high impact ad creatives relies on a number of factors. These include: using the correct ad formats in the right environment – making them viewable. And ensuring that viewability is matched by memorability. However, viewability doesn’t always translate to memorability. Marketers shouldn’t focus on viewability, but rather update their measurement scores to include a score for creative. 

Thus, underlining the importance of high impact ads. Research shows that factors such as ad creative and messaging, ad placement and the digital environments in which brands advertise in are critical to the overall advertising mix and can lead to building greater brand awareness down the line. Creativity for creativity’s sake won’t wash with consumers. No matter how high impact the creative is, if it’s intrusive it will reflect poorly on your brand. Relevance is key. Using the correct formula, your brand can produce well thought out, timely, personalized, and innovative advertising with a focus on creativity.

2. Dynamic Creative Optimization comes of age

Produce the ultimate display campaign with the help of one of 2020’s most exciting programmatic trends. Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is set to come of age in 2020, and it’s fast becoming an advertising essential. By using the best processes and tools, implementing DCO for brands is a breeze. Furthermore, the combination of a DSP platform and an SSP, such as programmatic platform, enables brands to use and control, thousands of real-time, dynamic creatives. All of which are far more engaging and interactive than simple variations of copy and text. Indeed, there are many advantages of using a DSP platform for a brand when it comes to DCO. For example, it frees up time for your marketing team to be more creative. Meaning a better return on investment (ROI) as designers are quicker to produce advanced designs. Further enhancing your DCO efforts and personalization with viewers. What’s more, there is no better programmatic trend to drive conversions for a brand. By making use of valuable customer data, brands are able to remain relevant and provide timely offers to their customers. Therefore, heightening the chances of elevated conversion rates!

3. More spending on programmatic advertising

As we highlighted in 2019 before, it’s been forecast that up to 88% of digital display ad dollars in the US will be exchanged programmatically by 2021. Zenith predicts that advertisers will spend $98 billion on programmatic advertising in 2020 alone, which will make up 68% of their total annual digital media advertising spend. Brands are committing large chunks of their digital media advertising budget year on year, with this continuing in 2020. Furthermore, in USA, Canada, the UK and Denmark the programmatic advertising will climb over 80% in all four of these markets when it comes to all digital media by 2020. Showing how important this method continues to be for digital trading. Additionally, the duopoly of Facebook and Google is set to continue to dominate the market in the USA. In fact, eMarketer predicts the giants will boast a staggering combined revenue equating to more than half of advertisers’ total programmatic display budgets. It has also predicted that this slice of the ad spend pie will increase further during 2020 – climbing to a huge 63%.

What’s Next!

With the year started, 2020 is a playground for brands to have a range of opportunities of gaining market share by employing these amazing programmatic trends. In order to implement these advertising trends seamlessly, consider trying a demand side platform, such as NTProAds. Real time advertising solution is the perfect tool to give brands full control and take away many problems for digital marketers and media professionals.

Get in touch with our team if you would want to discover more about how Advertising Development can help your brand. To stay on top of programmatic advertising trends in 2020, visit our blog and join our professional advertising community by subscribing to our newsletter.

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