In recent times, making use of digital marketing in the online community is becoming more important. It doesn’t matter the size of the industry or company, it is an effective way to grow your business. In order to allow the best growth in company size and revenue, you need to make use of the most effective digital marketing strategies at your disposal. Making use of search ads as part of your digital marketing strategy is a good experience for online business. Search advertising is a tool that engages the ads displayed in search engine results as soon as someone searches for a specific keyword ensuring that the ads displayed are compatible with the query. Let us look deeper into some of the most popular and effective advertisement strategies.


Search ads make it easier for companies to take advantage of ad placement for certain keywords in Google sponsored links. These are simply the text ads that you can find in your search engine results. They may be found at the top of your screen, at the bottom or right of your search results. They are easily identifiable because they are marked with boxes labeled as Ads.

Dynamic search ads work in a similar fashion to traditional paid search ads, but they have one big difference. They do not make use of keywords but they make use of actual websites or product feeds for your business. Google then compares the queries of the users to the products displayed on your side or feed and shows a specially designed ad. The campaign is found displaying in the Google search results and is very similar to regular ads. These special ads are a great way to show different content to interested search users.

These two types of advertising based on search work quite differently, but have similar appearances and have the same effects for the company:

  • Paid search results are similar to organic results
  • They are immune to any type of ad-blocking software
  • A great solution for websites that don’t rank high organically or have a low SEO performance

The disadvantages of this tool include:

  • High competition
  • High CPC for competitive queries


Improving your digital strategy with search ads is very efficient but can be unsuitable for some stages of digital strategy. Let’s imagine making use of an average sales funnel of a site.

At the top of the funnel, users don’t need to make use of your product or are oblivious of the usefulness of your product. However, if you are in a very competitive industry, you are advised not to spend huge sums on search ads. You need to attract the attention of the users and make your company’s brand/ product/ service special. The more attractive and engaging your ad is, the best way to keep it in the mind of the users. This means that display advertising, social media channels and video ads are the best ways to create awareness.

At the mid-stage of the sales funnel is the best time to make use of search ads. As soon as your target audience has become fully aware of their needs and the products of your company, they begin to consider dealing with your company. Customers at the middle stage of the sales funnel want to make a purchase and will regularly use words such as buy, purchase, etc. They may also search for specific brands or models.

It is your job to get your audience to access your website and the marketing strategy for the last stage is basically about your landing page and how best it fits into your digital advertising activity. However, digital advertising could still be very effective. From different studies, we have found out that only about 3% of the visitors to your website actually become customers and the best ways to attract them is to provide a constant reminder about your business. There are different advertisement tools such as search ads and retargeting which can be used. We guess you are thrilled and want to try some out.

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