Programmatic Ads transforming Real Estate Industry In 2020

It is true that buyers will make a serious decision after seeing the property. But investors are likely to conduct thorough research before viewing the properties. That said, it is ideal that you, as a real estate developer or broker in Emirates or in Egypt -the most active real estate markets in the middle east region-, have a strong online presence.

Programmatic Advertising is the future of real estate marketing in The Middle East. The results are expected to be great by end of 2020.

Furthermore, the online advertising campaigns can assist real estate marketing professionals in Egypt and Emirates making the purchasing process a lot easier for their customers. As a real estate marketer, you can give your potential customers tour to the properties you sell online. Then, you can make the paperwork process easier without the need to go to your office.

Programmatic Ads has not changed the market entirely yet. However, real estate developers are boosting their emphasis on online marketing after the lockdown took place hardly on people in the ME region.

The change has occurred due to the Arab customers moving from traditional channels to various digital touch points. Purchasers now have a tendency to browse property on mobile app or they utilize a digital portal that makes everything simple.

Ways that Programmatic Ad will Change the Real Estate Market in 2020

Boost Exposure with programmatic ads

Numerous commercial and residential projects vary in size, cost, and location. With that in mind, digital presence becomes a must now more than ever before. To stay on par with the changing scene, digital marketers require remaining in line with the progressing technology patterns. When you plan for a digital media campaign, you need to set a strategy for the channels to identify which will achieve your boosting exposure objective.

Programmatic Social Ad Campaigns for

Performance Real Estate Digital Marketing

Social media is a reliable marketing channel to run programmatic campaigns. Several companies still do not totally comprehend how extremely effective NT Platform have ended up being. A variety of fresh offers from the huge networks made it possible to get to target audience and more effectively than in the past. These fresh offers would include geofencing and improved retargeting. The trick to maximizing it is to create advanced social projects that utilize the complete variety of tools and styles. Companies that invest in programmatic ads social methods are most likely to find an outstanding ROAS on their investment.

Facebook and Instagram aren’t just for advertising and posting pretty pictures. With 2.27 billion and 1 billion active monthly users respectively, both platforms offer a tremendous opportunity to advertise to different types of audiences. Since social media is free to use, choosing the right strategy guarantees your advertising gets you noticed by a larger segment of your audience. You can use Facebook to post new listings: Or use Instagram to attract buyers looking for luxury multi-million AED or EGP or USD properties:

Chances are you use more than one social media channel. As a result, your real estate advertising strategy should start with defining how you’ll use each platform. For each channel you use, think about:

Optimize your real estate website with a lead magnet

For Brokers, people coming to your site are trying to solve an issue — they are either looking for a new property to buy or they want to sell their existing home. For Developers, to sell off plan and launch new projects, you must understand people coming to your site and offer a quick and call to action. One way to do this is to offer free downloadable content in the form of a lead magnet.

Lead magnets are a powerful real estate advertising tool because they are action-oriented and offer people something they can use immediately. The quicker people experience value — their aha! moment — the sooner they realize you offer the best solution.

An effective lead magnet offers valuable content in exchange for a person’s contact information — usually their email address. With an email address, you create a programmatic Native ad campaign that consists of five to seven Ad formats. Add different types of lead magnets to different pages on your site so you know who your potential buyers, potential investors interested in new launch. Then create relevant creative content published to everyone reading about business, news, sports, and lifestyle websites local and international.

Programmatic Community Video Campaign

(in-stream, in-banner)

When a house buyer is moving into a new area, they’ll likely carry out extensive research about the whole community as well as the real estate market.

That is where community pages come in. By creating community videos on your website share it on YouTube channel, or Instagram, you can become the go-to resource for your area. Community videos can include scenes like: Climate, Demographics, Economy, Local businesses, Schools and Colleges, Leisure amenities, Medical facilities, Transportation, Shopping, Restaurants, Kids Area, Gardens, Swimming Pools.

What makes video so effective for agents? 

Many say it helps them:

  • Explain things more clearly: It’s easier to show how spacious a property is.
  • Book more meetings: Video messages (sent via email or social media) are 40% more likely to be opened, 37% more likely to be clicked, and 3x as likely to earn a response.
  • Save time: Once made, videos can be reshared, and you can add custom introductions to make old clips feel new.
  • Drive deals forward: Resolve questions faster, showcase more amenities, and cement a personal connection.

Other best practices to keep in mind include:

  • Create more than one channel. If you work with different types of clients — like buyers, sellers, renters, and commercial customers — create separate channels for each group. This way, you share relevant content that offers value vs. showing everyone the same content. A blanket approach doesn’t show people how you plan to meet their specific needs.
  • Incorporate your branding. Use the same branding from your website, social media accounts, and marketing material in your YouTube channels. People are more likely to do business with brands they recognize because recognition offers comfort, since people know what to expect. People are more willing to trust you, so update your channel art and icon to meet your brand standards.
  • Make sure videos are mobile friendly. More than half of the videos watched on YouTube are seen on mobile. That’s an average of 1 billion views on mobile every single day. Keep videos short and to the point to hold user attention.

Add descriptions below your videos. Instead of pasting the same listing description from your website to your video, get creative. Mention features your audience is interested in, talk about the neighborhood and amenities, and more. Also incorporate keywords into your video description and title to make your videos easier to find when people search not just YouTube but Google as well.

How Programmatic Mobile Advertising Works for Real Estate Mobile Marketers

92 percent of all home buyers are searching for their future home online. Their search is not in newspapers or driving around looking for “For Sale” or “Open House” signs. It’s online – computer, tablet, smartphone. The way people look for realtors and real estate has shifted to computers and digital devices. Recent real estate statistics show that 42 percent of home buyers’ first step was doing an online search. This means that your clients will most likely find you, their real project, and their future home, online.

Narrowing down digital devices, 52 percent of all home buyers used an iPhone during their real estate search. Real estate and realtors can take advantage of mobile advertising as this number can only continue to rise with the sophistication of smartphone technology. One of the biggest benefits of mobile advertising is that your ad goes directly to your customer’s phone. By tailoring your mobile advertising campaign, you’ll be able to target your customers when they are checking out neighborhoods and searching for homes on their mobile phones.

The mobile ad you create for your real estate business is called an “ad unit” — this ad unit is what appears on customers’ mobile phone. When the customer sees your ad, it’s called an “impression.” Your ad is placed in thousands of mobile apps allowing thousands of impressions during your mobile ad campaign. Once the customer sees your ad, they click on the ad. By using the number of clicks your ad received and dividing it by the number of impressions it had, you get the “click-through-rat” or CTR. The CTR is one of the metrics that measures your campaign.

Today’s mobile technology makes your real estate marketing strategy more dynamic than ever. Capturing your target home buyer or seller is much more challenging. Besides traditional methods and social media, mobile advertising should be a part of your marketing plan. Reach your real estate customers faster with mobile ads — reach them when and where they are looking for you and their future home.

Premium Mobile Apps. Once your mobile ad campaign is up and running, your realty ad is placed across thousands of popular and widely used mobile apps. When your ad appears in these apps, they will be seen by your potential home buyer (this view is called an “impression”). Some of the premium mobile apps that your ad will appear in new mobile apps CNN, Forbes, Business Week, others like TripAdvisor and more.

Programmatic Retargeting for Real Estate to Bringing People Back to Your Site

  • Indeed, for every business striving to get more online leads, conversion is not an uncommon question to struggle with. Meanwhile, retargeting tools make this undertaking essentially easier.
  • Exactly how much traffic is not converting on a site on the first visit is hard to tell but some marketing consultancy undertook some work and discovered only 2 percent of those do convert into subscribers, leads or customers. That leaves 98 percent of prospective clients lost for your business.
  • If you think that’s too much to give away after putting so much hard work into landing them on your website, retargeting tools should be the next technology to master.

So, How does retargeting for real estate work?

  • People may come across your site in many ways. Ideally, you’d want to rank on page 1 for the most important and popular keywords related to your niche. While this should be your ultimate online marketing goal, it’s not that easy and takes time, and you need leads filling your sales pipeline now.
  • When people get really interested in some solution to their needs, they notice information related to it more readily. In other words, if they are thinking of moving to your area, they will be very likely to open up any ads or links with more local info wherever they see it. Retargeting for real estate lets you capitalize on these search patterns and bring people back to your site.
  • Let’s say someone’s quest for home-buying information in your area brought them to your site. They browsed a few pages but left soon after. Retargeting tools use cookies to track which sites your visitors use. Next, the ad you created intelligently follows them across the web and social media, gently reminding them of the fix to their problem and keeping your services on top of their minds.

Advanced tips to make your next Retargeting Ad campaign perfect!

Retargeting for real estate can bring excellent results. But if you never used it before, be prepared for a bit of trial and error. The more you test and segment, the better results will be. Meanwhile, here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Time wise – your ad cannot follow your visitors endlessly, even if your budget allows it. Go for 90 days at most;
  • Set up frequency caps – you can even set a limit to the times your ads are shown per month and find a sweet spot between your budget and the number of required impressions;
  • Use search retargeting – catch up with people who haven’t even visited your site but searched for specific queries related to your business, and expose your ads in front of them;
  • Use Facebook retargeting – don’t forget to capitalize on the power of world’s largest social media with custom Facebook ads, news feeds campaigns, segmentation, reporting, multiple dynamic ads – it’s insanely effective;
  • Blacklist some websites – exclude any sites from your list and keep your ads from appearing there. This way you can focus your efforts on the top-performing resources and get a better ROI;
  • Create retargeting lists, e.g. website visitors, newsletter subscribers or social media users;
  • Measure results – keep an eye on the key metrics to refine your campaigns and update the settings for even better results.

Think: Generating Leads using Real estate programmatic advertising is what your digital marketing needs!

There’s no shortage of options available to you when it comes to digital advertising. The main benefit is this strategy helps you to create custom campaigns that cater to the specific needs of your audience. The result is people see the value you provide and are willing to work with you.

You don’t have to use all of these advertising strategies though. Test out each option until you find the combination that works for your audience.

Track engagement and lead-to-client conversions over time and make an adjustment so that your real estate advertising efforts are up to date and meaningful to your audience.

Use the tools and technologies available and needed to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow with a Lead Generation using Programmatic Advertising.

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