It is harder nowadays to satisfy consumers whenever they are shopping. Due to this, it is important for e-commerce businesses to upgrade the way they handle their customers. Dynamic retargeting is a very viable solution for you to transform your potential clients using sales funnel pages. It does this by targeting awareness to threat, to desire, to acquisition and retention. This means, if you are in charge of a business that provides goods and services for sale online, we would gladly provide you with some tips when you are looking to create your new ad campaign.

Dynamic retargeting isn’t the image a lot of people paint it as. It does not involve the getting of new users to show interest in the products which are available for sale. It rather involves designing your advertising campaigns based on the visitors to your website. It is a better strategy to provide customers with attractive ads for specific products rather than boring them with stereotypical ads. The customers have already made a selection of the goods they want. It is your duty to display it to them and ensure they buy the goods.

We have a professional team who are equipped with the knowledge required to launch dynamic retargeting campaigns that will suit different e-commerce clients. Listed below are 5 tips we have for you:

  1. Transforming shopping cart abandonment into a part of the sales funnel

    Shopping cart abandonment is a serious bane to online sales. However, it occurs once in a while and by utilizing digital advertising tools, you can attract customers back to your website to ensure they complete their purchase. Make use of all the benefits provided by dynamic retargeting. Provide your customers with information on all price changes or available special offers and contact them when they are ready for purchase.

  2. Make good use of timing

    Whenever you have an issue with timing, the best way to get the best out of your customers is by regularly informing them about the product. This way, they will constantly have you in mind. Time-limited ads may prove attractive to customers who are not regular visitors to the site. The ad will announce new arrivals that are of interest to the client and other promotions. Dynamic retargeting can be modified based on how long ago the customer used the website.

  3. Make a deeper interaction with your brand

    A very good customer experience strategy is not to place all your focus solely on new buyers, but also on building the relationship which exists with the old customers. The latter are more likely to spend more on your website than the new ones. You can also modify ads to retarget customers who once made a purchase of a related product on your site in order to attract them to make another purchase.

  4. Make use of your social media

    The social media has now become very important in online shopping. However, it is no secret that shoppers get converted to customers using social media. A lot of users spend more time on social media and this means it is important to always have their attention. Take note that maintaining a strong connection between your campaign on social media and non-social platforms is vital.

  5. Specially design your campaign for every segment

    Ensure that you provide each customer with the appropriate message based on the level of intent they have shown while navigating the site. Always display your brand to the new users and never forget to remind the old users about the abandoned products for those who didn’t complete their purchase.

Keep in mind that Dynamic Ads will ensure that you keep in contact with all your customers. This contact will lead to increased brand awareness and will end up converting more shoppers and boosting sales. It is best that you take advantage of this tool and set up your first Dynamic Retargeting campaign.

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