More often than not, visitors to your website or online store will leave the website without engaging in any of its content. The average conversion rate for websites is less than 3%, which means over 97% of users will leave your website without any type of interaction. Whether that is clicking through to other webpages or buying a product, most websites lose a high number of potential customers.

When it comes to converting website visitors into loyal customers, there isn’t always a straight forward approach and it takes more than good advertising. However, there is a solution by which any type of company, from any industry, regardless of its size can increase its conversion rate. This solution is known as Dynamic Retargeting.

Dynamic Retargeting can be useful for a range of different businesses; however, there are several key areas where it is particularly effective:


Dynamic Retargeting is a tool that re-engages users who have visited your website, then left without completing their purchase. Regardless of whether the user was viewing a particular webpage or product, once they move on from the site, dynamic ads are used to redirect them back to the exact content, product or service they were looking at. This strategy encourages potential clients to return to your website and continue with their browse or purchase.


  1. Initial Vision
    As potential customers visit your website and browse through various products and pages, a tracking code is downloaded onto the browser they use, and this helps us to associate users with unique IDs.
  2. Leave Website
    Potential customers then leave your website without engaging with any content or purchasing anything, and continue to surf the internet.
  3. Your Dynamic Ads come into play
    Your potential customers tracking ID is recognized by in-network websites which then display customized ads to that potential customer. They will show that customer the exact content they were reviewing on your website.
  4. Transaction Made
    As we already know, this user has an interest in your content, when they click on the ad they are re-directed back to your website and encouraged to complete their transaction.

Taking an e-commerce business as an example; let’s say you are the owner of an online store which sells clothing brand and you decide to run a Dynamic Retargeting campaign. Users will visit your website and browse your pages and products, however most of them will abandon their shopping carts without making any purchases. This is where Dynamic Retargeting will come in and help convert those “lost” users into customers.

Once the user leaves your website, as they continue to browse the internet, they will begin to see adverts showcasing the items which they had abandoned in their shopping cart. As a direct result of Dynamic Retargeting, CTR will be increased because dynamic and bespoke adverts are more likely to draw the user’s attention than generic ones.

Dynamic adverts remind customers of your products, encourage them to revisit your website and ultimately, help to boost sales in a cost-effective manner. By using Dynamic Retargeting you are redirecting an already engaged and interested potential client back to your website.


Dynamic Retargeting campaigns have one of the highest conversion rates among all other types of digital advertising. There are several reasons for why this type of marketing is so effective with consumers:

  1. Personalization
    Dynamic ads generate customized special offers that create urgency and thus, encourage the user to complete their purchase. They also act as reminders to potential clients that they have goods abandoned in their shopping cart. In addition to all this, they work on users who have already bought from your website and instead show complementary products. Users who have already purchased from your website are more likely to buy again, so Dynamic Ads are the perfect way to target both existing and potential customers in a bespoke and personalized way.
  2. Efficiency
    One of the best things about Dynamic Ads is their ability to save you time. Rather than needing to make hundreds of banners for all the products listed on your site, all dynamic ads are created automatically. Due to this, Dynamic Ads are always up-to-date, and you don’t need to filter the advertised products yourself. Dynamic Ads are proven to be up to 3 times more effective than static ads and it is also known that retargeted users are more likely to convert to customers.
  3. Brand Loyalty
    Dynamic Ads are displayed to the right people, at the right time which helps to create a strong connection between brand and consumer. The more engaged a consumer is, the more likely he is to engage with the brand and the chances of them shopping elsewhere are decreased.


One of the best key features of Dynamic Ads is their can reach potential customers on a variety of different platforms across multiple devices. By targeting a range of different mediums, you increase your chances of converting these users into customers.

  1. Web
    When potential customers visit your website using a desktop, a cookie is recorded to track their on-site activity and to follow them across the internet using relevant adverts to encourage them to click back to your site.
  2. Social
    Most website users tend to be active social media users as well; therefore it makes sense to retarget them whilst they are using social media.
  3. Mobile
    Consumers are spending more than one-third of their time online on their mobile as opposed to a traditional desktop, therefore using mobile retargeting is another way to further drive conversion rates of a potential client to loyal customer.


When it comes to retargeting, NT knows the best solution for your campaign. We have an experienced & knowledgeable team who are committed to working with you to maximize your presence online and to convert potential customers into loyal supporters of your brand.

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