Programmatic Targeting Campaign  for Toyota



Toyota car dealer



Campaign Objective
Awareness, Audience, Engagement
Attracting customers to the client’s dealership for a new car model test-drive

Ad Solution 

1. Selecting the appropriate audience by applying targeting settings:

  • Contextual targeting on the websites containing information about competitive car models
  • Behavioural targeting on the users who are in search of a new ca

2. Launching a mobile advertising campaign, displaying banner ads on the mobile versions of popular web resources dedicated to choosing a new vehicle. Showing animated ads to potential customers with an offer to visit the dealership for a test-drive.

3. Utilizing native ad formats combining them with contextual targeting to draw more confidence to the car models.

4. Promoting lead ads on Facebook and Instagram with short video ads. Potential customers can apply for a test-drive through their favourite social media without any time to change their minds.

5. Using video advertising options of YouTube – contextual targeting for videos related to automotive. Displaying 20 seconds Pre-Roll video ads.


  • The average depth of viewing the site amounted to 3,96 pages
  • CTR of native ads amounted to 1,03%
  • The percentage of impressions to new users was 89,4%
  • The average percentage of viewing video ads amounted to 92,5%



Toyota was the leading automotive brand sold in the United Arab Emirates. This not only confirms Toyota as the global market leader in the automotive industry but it also reflects the wider trend within the Middle East and North African region, where Japanese automotive brands are the preferred manufacturers, followed by Korean and U.S. brands.

There are over 100+ car services center specialized in big brand such as Toyota and Audi car specialist service center 


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