Dynamic Creative Ad Campaign for Tourism Services



Online Tourism Services


Travel and Tourism

Campaign Objective 

Awareness, Audience, Engagement, Performance
Increasing the number of early booking deals and repeat purchases

Ad Solution 

1. Audience target setting:

  • behavioral targeting: users who are searching for information about the best deals for tours
  • context targeting: travelling related context
  • demographic targeting: male and female users, aged 20 and over, middle income earners

2. Preparing retargeting lists composed of users:

  • who spent more than 3 minutes per session on the website
  • who viewed more than 3 pages per session
  • who put a tour into a cart but didn’t complete the booking process

3. Setting a retargeting campaign with static retargeting banners for users who spent more than 3 minutes on the website or viewed more than 3 pages.

4. Displaying dynamic ads for users who didn’t complete the booking – those users saw banners with the tour they were interested in while browsing the site.

5. Automatic programmatic strategic management and optimization throughout the advertising campaign period.



  • Conversion rate amounted to 5,8%
  • The number of users who returned to the reservation system and completed the booking increased by 2,1 times
  • ROI increased by 227%
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