Programmatic Display Ad Campaign for New Balance



New Balance


Retail, Athletic Footwear

Campaign Objective
Awareness, Audience, Engagement
Attracting visitors to the dealer’s new online store

Ad Solution 

1. Allocating target audience for the campaign: male and female users aged 20 and over, sports enthusiasts, upper-middle-class segment.

2. Starting display campaign advert with a coupon that gives a $10 discount.

3. Dynamic retargeting setting for users who didn’t complete the purchase.

4. Social media retargeting for users who viewed more than 3 product cards.

5. Online analytics of synthetic indicators and instant correction of the strategy according to the current results. The final metrics analytics of the site.


  • Display advertising CTR amounted to 0,42%
  • The average session duration increased by 138,7% and amounted to 4:56 minutes
  • The bounce rate amounted to 41,8%
  • The rate of viewing the site amounted to 5,23 pages
  • The number of new visitors increased by 129,8%
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