Programmatic Social Ad Campaign for Luxury Watches



Men’s Watches


Retail, Watches

Campaign Objective
Awareness, Audience, Engagement
Brand campaign to promote the new luxury watches model line

Ad Solution 

1. Setting target options for a wide range of audience that could be interested in luxury watches, using the following configuration:

  • male users, aged 30+, high-income earners, decision-making positions at work
  • female users, aged 25+, visiting luxury events, clients of expensive boutiques, fashion houses, beauty salons – those who could be looking for a gift for a spouse or a partner

2. Contextual targeting to the websites:

  • dedicated to the news and business topics
  • containing information on products and services of premium segment
  • dedicated to premium class car reviews

3. Using social media advertising possibilities – Instagram ads in the news feed with the carousel gallery.

4. Utilizing retargeting for users who spent more than 2 minutes on the client’s site or viewed more than 3 product cards with watches.

5. Configuring frequency capping – displaying ads no more than 11 times for one unique user.


  • Target audience coverage amounted to 91,5%
  • Organic traffic volume increased by 192,3%
  • Brand inquiry volume increased by 3,17 times
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